Memories along a path


IMG_20150225_082516I’ve been walking this particular path my entire life. It is down the street from the house I grew up in. It’s down the street and around the corner from where I currently live. I have wonderful memories about this path.

One in particular is the day I was sledding with my best friend. Just off and up to the right in this picture is where I sat down on my bright orange super sled. Half way down, I hit a “bump” and went airborne. I landed with a thud. It hurt! My best friend was laughing so hard that I started laughing. I laughed so hard I peed my pants.

Every time I turn down this path, that is what I start thinking about. And, then I have to pee. Coincidence?


A Good Cry


Today I experienced a good ol’ crying spell. It’s been a rough couple of days, physically and as I sat down on my yoga mat this morning I told myself it was ok to not start with sun salutations. My knees just weren’t going to bend that way today without major protest. And, to be honest, I just wasn’t up to anymore protests from my body this morning.

About 10 minutes or so into my practice, I started crying. Just gentle tears in the beginning but it didn’t take long for the shoulder hitching sobbing to get going. I’m not sure at what point I put my hands together in prayer and just started breathing into the crying. My head was bowed, my fingertips touching my forehead, my thumbs touching my heart space and I just cried. Deep, emotional, stress relieving crying.

I don’t know what thoughts were running through my head. I’m not sure anything did. What I got was emotional and physical relief. A definite letting go of tension happened. My shoulders stopped being earrings. I swear my amazingly stubborn and tight hamstrings let go just a little bit, allowing me to stretch just a tad closer to the floor. I felt cleansed.

Crying is a great stress reliever. It can also be expression of deep emotion. Sadness as well as joy can be the cause of tears. I’ve even read that people believe tears rid the body of toxins. It makes sense to me. I’ve been dealing with a lot of physical pain which causes me stress. The tears I shed this morning was the route the toxic chemicals and hormones left my body. Making me feel happier and a bit looser.


Too much pressure and body acceptance


I believe I set my goals to high when I stated I would post 3 times a week. Having taken on, although really really part time, two jobs that take me out of the house 4 days a week,  I feel overwhelmed trying to find time to write. I think one post a week and maybe a picture thrown in might be all I can handle right now.

I started writing something about exercising while fat and then I read this. Most of Naomi’s thoughts could have been mine. Enjoy.


A view from the mat


A view from the mat.

A photo posted by @elhundt on

One of the blogging201 assignments was to link our blogs to our social networking sites. After much contemplation I decided to link this blog only to my instagram. I’m not blogging for fame or fortune. I’m blogging to simply expand my creative side through writing. And, to be honest, I’d much rather total strangers read my stuff than my FB friends. Weird? Probably. But there it is.

I started posting A view from the mat on my instagram because every morning when I set out to do yoga, I take a minute to admire the view. I practice yoga in the prettiest room my house. Not only is the room pretty but the view looking out into the marsh is amazing. At sunrise the birds come to the feeders and the sky usually turns a beautiful shade of pink. Sometimes orange, red, or purple. My cat loves to watch the birds and usually when I’m down on the mat, most of my animals come to stretch with me. It’s not uncommon for my cat to perch on my chest while I’m down there.

Anyone else out there practice yoga? Where’s your favorite place to practice?


Blue Zones


If you are abled bodied, walking is one of the greatest forms of relaxation and exercise. I love walking. I’ve had to slow down in the past year due to some weird thing going on with my left leg. But, I’m still going. Just slower.

Last year I got together with a group of people and we started walking on Saturdays. We started in January and trudged through the snow and blizzard conditions for most of it. Later, we added Sundays to our schedule. Our start times vary depending on the season; temperatures, sun rise, and bugs are things to consider. Sometimes one or two of us may miss a day but as far as the group goes, we haven’t missed a weekend yet.

Early on we started to socialize outside of walking. Now I call these people friends and I can’t imagine not spending time with them. In many ways, we are all very different. And, if you had asked me two years ago if I thought we would all be friends, I wouldn’t have believed it. But, the more I get to know them, the more I think they are all just as weird as I am and I love them.

One day, my friend, Caryn, mentioned Blue Zones. Check it out here. It’s interesting stuff.  I love the connection she made to our walking group. These people are part of my tribe.

Check out the Power 9 and let me know what you all think.


Versatile Blogger Award


I squealed a bit when I got the nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from Janet over at SpanishMossSeries. It meant a lot to me because I’m so new at blogging and it was cool to know someone besides my family and close friends were reading my writings.  The recognition from other bloggers with the nomination of this award is a great motivator to keep writing. I hope the bloggers I nominate feel the same way!

There are some rules though and here they are:

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10 blogs
  • Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

7 facts about this fat beach bum:

  1. My sarcastic wit often conflicts with my Buddha nature.
  2. I am a classic underachiever.
  3. I would be a professional student if possible.
  4. I LOVE cheese.
  5. I don’t remember what I look like with my natural hair color.
  6. My favorite color is purple.
  7. I prefer silver over gold.

Some of the blogs I’m nominating are new, new to me, or have been around for a bit. Either way, I love reading them. My nominations are:



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New blog. New goals.


The purpose of writing this blog have changed since taking blogging101. In the beginning I had planned for this to be a teaching platform. Now, I just want to share my experiences with others. I want it to be a way to channel my brain activity into a creative glob of words and pictures.

I want to share my experiences with how I manage my stress and create a balance of mind, body, and spirit though this particular journey. And, if someone learns something from me while I do it…well then that’s just swell. I want to influence others to smile, laugh, and chill out a little. I think I have a responsibility to lead a good ethical life but not to take myself too seriously.

My desires for this blog orbit around expressing my creativity while balancing my mind, body, and spirit. It will be about me getting through this life handling my stress in order to create and live the best life possible. I want to share my life experiences, whether it’s a picture or post or both, about whatever random ideas pop into my head.

That being said, here are three goals: I will post 3x a week, I will read 5 posts from other bloggers a day and comment on 1 of them weekly, and, lastly, I will establish a monthly feature educating others on subjects of stress management.