Defining health


People talk about health all the time. Our society is obsessed with health: What foods are healthy, what exercises are healthy, etc. But, how do we define health? WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” So why is American culture so focused on physical health and not really health but what healthy should LOOK like?

I listen to a lot of health & wellness podcasts. I read a lot of health & wellness blogs.  I listen and I read because the podcasters supply valuable information on general and specific ways that what we eat and how we move contributes to how we feel. At the same time, many of these well intentioned folks also push the assumption that to be healthy one must be of a certain weight.

Now, I do believe there is definitely a healthier way to eat And, I’m real sure we’ll talk about that later. Real food fuels our body, our minds, and our spirits. I believe processed food and genetically modified foods (GMOs) are killing us as a nation. If you want more information about GMOs take the time to explore .  

Additionally, exercise and movement is important for fitness, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that extreme athleticism is healthier than walking every day or simply sitting in the sun. Movement looks different for different people. Our physical health is only the biological aspect of our being.

There is so much more to health than how are bodies look and feel. Often these are overlooked because they cannot be seen. They cannot be measured by the eyes of others. But just because they cannot be seen doesn’t mean they are not equally important. What we do for our mind and spirit nourish our being.

How do you define health? What makes you healthy? Do you compare your health to that of others?

Here’s to your whole health!



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