There was a time I defined my daily happiness on how I felt physically. Today I continue practicing defining my daily happiness on how I feel emotionally instead.

I find it can be quite overwhelming sometimes. These emotions. In my quest for knowledge I find myself inundated with information. So much information, in fact, that I find myself unable to actually do anything because I’m so busy reading and listening to what other people are doing that I don’t do anything for myself.

And, indeed, much of what I listen to pisses me off. Between the American culture’s obsession with being thin, our broken healthcare system, the war on women, and the products that pass themselves off as our food supply, I’m just kind of done feeling angry all the time.

At just the right time, one of my favorite blogs inspired me to let some things go and simplify. Check them out here.

So these past few days have been liberating as I’ve become familiar with the “unsubscribe” button and the “junk” folder. I’m no longer being caught up in a perpetual time suck of links and comments and like buttons.

Let’s see what happens.

What do you do to unwind or disconnect?



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  1. I love unfollowing and deliking things! I operate a 2 strikes and you’re OUT policy. Can’t be arsed to clutter my timeline with stuff like fat shaming masquerading as weight loss motivation or health living blogs which actually just document eating disorders.

    To unwind? I lift heavy shit and drink wine. Not necessarily together.

  2. I have been taking your advice to de-stress my life–less politics, less well-intentioned (or not) advice, less crap. And what do you know. I feel better.

    Thank you.

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