Winning the Prize


Winning the Prize

This dumbbell represents one of the reasons I love my trainer, Troy Ford of Troybuilt Fitness ( ). Last year, he conducted a fitness challenge centered on weight loss. I did not participate. This year, I participated in my first fitness challenge because it did NOT include weighing in. AND, it was challenging. AND, I kicked ass! I won 1st place week 4 and received a gift card allowing me to buy this beautiful dumbbell. Now, in addition to working out with him and my fabulous husband once a week, I am able to rock this workout ( with a more challenging weight.

This challenge introduced me to the wonderful world of interval and brick training. I especially love intervals! It also included practicing meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, and increasing water and vegetable intake. I forfeited Starbucks and cheese for goodness sake!

Troy told me I inspired him to reexamine his beliefs about being fat and being fit. Coming from a certified trainer, his words mean a lot to me as I feel persistently bombarded with the message that I can’t possibly be who I say I am: Fat and fit and feeling just fine!



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