Mindfully happy


I heard an awesome idea today. Lama Marut (http://lamamarut.org/) said, “Real happiness is losing yourself in life.” He talked about being mindfully unselfconscious. That “the true experiences that bring us happiness is when we are truly engaged in the experience.” It is when we are unselfconsciously engaged in whatever it is we are doing.

Wow! Being mindful. It’s such a simple concept yet sometimes so difficult to do. I think practicing mindfulness is something that allows me to not only be in the moment but it eases my reactivity. It allows me to listen. It forgives me of that feeling that it’s all about me. Mindfulness allows me to not take everything so personally.

Because, really, it’s not all about me, is it? I don’t live in a vacuum. If the people in my life are affected by my behavior I want them to be affected in a positive way. Being mindful to them when I am with them is one way of making them aware of my love for them. Loving kindness, compassion, listening to one another…that’s how we make our world a happy place.

Are there areas in your life that you don’t pay attention to? Pick one of those and try to lose yourself in it. Lose yourself in life.



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