Day 4 of using a standing desk


Last week in a fit because my desk area was cluttered and my arm hurt, I decided to get rid of my chair and make myself a standing only desk. I have to admit my first thought on Day 1 was, “holy fuck! I only have a standing desk! What was I thinking???” That feeling has passed.

I decided to do away with my chair for a few reasons. My husband thinks poor arm placement is playing a factor in my arm issues. And, because I am having additional concerns with body pain and flexibility, I decided to try to do what the experts advise us to do; spend more time standing.

Also, let’s face it, in Northwest Indiana the winters are cold outside and it’s all snuggly inside. I can spend a lot of time on the computer. Facebookpintrestetsyamazonblogreadingnetflixing. They all kind of run together in a haze, and before you know it, an hour has gone by. Have I even moved in the last hour?

Standing is an entirely different story. I stretch, dance, sway, practice yoga, and more often, I’m walking away.  I’m also writing, drawing, and reading more. I’ve read increased creativity is a benefit of standing more. I’ve also read circulation can be improved when switching to a standing desk.

I’m not quite sure yet if it’s making my life easier just yet but it’s certainly not having any negative effect. Stay tuned.


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