Slouch socks and happy memories from the 80’s


IMG_20150116_103721My favorite outfit in the world; leggings and a long, loose top. Today, I’m pairing this outfit with these awesome black slouch socks one of my sisters gave me. They’re beautiful. They make me feel good. Socks. Go figure.

But, think about it. The connections in my brain are jumping with memories these socks bring me. Slouch socks were good times. Teenage years are filled with angst, fun, and adventure. It is a time when hormones are in full swing! Teenagers feel EVERYTHING so intensely! You will most likely always know the words to your favorite songs from your teenage years.  So, at a time, when my hormones are making me sad and teary, these slouch socks trigger my brain to feel that rush again. And I get a brief moment of pure joy during this peri-menopausal upheaval I am experiencing right now.

It’s crazy how our bodies and brains work together. I may not like what my body is doing all the time but I still find it fascinating. And, I’m grateful for what it does.

Tell me what triggers good memories for you.



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  1. Dude, I know every word of every single Simon & Garfunkel song ever written. So yeah. The memories are of sitting in my room listening to the record over and over and over and over and over until I had gleaned every speck of meaning from its poetry.

    You’re funny with the leggings and tunic–that’s my favorite outfit too. I think I might still have some slouch socks from the 80s too. Thanks for the smile!

  2. For me it’s movies. Little Darlings take me back to summer camp memories. I had several pairs of those socks, in white. Over stirrup leggings! Thanks for reviving my fashion memories 🙂

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