No attempt at fiction


Coincidental meetings in life can happen. Sometimes they are random chances of fate and sometimes they are assignments from online blogging courses.

For example, today, I pondered the meeting of Margaret, from Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, by Judy Blume (,_Margaret) and Bernadine Harris from Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillian ( ). Margaret, a girl just beginning her journey of discovering life and who she is and Bernadine, a woman on the verge of a drastically new beginning part way through her journey.

What words of wisdom would Bernie share with Margaret? Could Margaret offer an innocent or fresh perspective on life that the older woman had forgotten? Would they bond over their uncertainties and unknowns or would their differences prevent them from getting what they needed from this chance meeting?

I think they would like each other. I think both women are strong and have a vulnerability that would allow them to teach each other how to get through life a bit easier.

Oh, how I wish I was a fiction writer!



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