Too much pressure and body acceptance


I believe I set my goals to high when I stated I would post 3 times a week. Having taken on, although really really part time, two jobs that take me out of the house 4 days a week,  I feel overwhelmed trying to find time to write. I think one post a week and maybe a picture thrown in might be all I can handle right now.

I started writing something about exercising while fat and then I read this. Most of Naomi’s thoughts could have been mine. Enjoy.



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  1. I’m on the same boat, not having to post as much as I’ve planned to. But unlike after Blogging 101, I am no longer feeling guilty about it at all! One thing I learned about BloggingU is that the most important thing about blogging is that we get to enjoy it, so let’s not put too much pressure on ourselves and just enjoy, shall we? 🙂

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