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A Good Cry


Today I experienced a good ol’ crying spell. It’s been a rough couple of days, physically and as I sat down on my yoga mat this morning I told myself it was ok to not start with sun salutations. My knees just weren’t going to bend that way today without major protest. And, to be honest, I just wasn’t up to anymore protests from my body this morning.

About 10 minutes or so into my practice, I started crying. Just gentle tears in the beginning but it didn’t take long for the shoulder hitching sobbing to get going. I’m not sure at what point I put my hands together in prayer and just started breathing into the crying. My head was bowed, my fingertips touching my forehead, my thumbs touching my heart space and I just cried. Deep, emotional, stress relieving crying.

I don’t know what thoughts were running through my head. I’m not sure anything did. What I got was emotional and physical relief. A definite letting go of tension happened. My shoulders stopped being earrings. I swear my amazingly stubborn and tight hamstrings let go just a little bit, allowing me to stretch just a tad closer to the floor. I felt cleansed.

Crying is a great stress reliever. It can also be expression of deep emotion. Sadness as well as joy can be the cause of tears. I’ve even read that people believe tears rid the body of toxins. It makes sense to me. I’ve been dealing with a lot of physical pain which causes me stress. The tears I shed this morning was the route the toxic chemicals and hormones left my body. Making me feel happier and a bit looser.