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A view from the mat


A view from the mat.

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One of the blogging201 assignments was to link our blogs to our social networking sites. After much contemplation I decided to link this blog only to my instagram. I’m not blogging for fame or fortune. I’m blogging to simply expand my creative side through writing. And, to be honest, I’d much rather total strangers read my stuff than my FB friends. Weird? Probably. But there it is.

I started posting A view from the mat on my instagram because every morning when I set out to do yoga, I take a minute to admire the view. I practice yoga in the prettiest room my house. Not only is the room pretty but the view looking out into the marsh is amazing. At sunrise the birds come to the feeders and the sky usually turns a beautiful shade of pink. Sometimes orange, red, or purple. My cat loves to watch the birds and usually when I’m down on the mat, most of my animals come to stretch with me. It’s not uncommon for my cat to perch on my chest while I’m down there.

Anyone else out there practice yoga? Where’s your favorite place to practice?



New blog. New goals.


The purpose of writing this blog have changed since taking blogging101. In the beginning I had planned for this to be a teaching platform. Now, I just want to share my experiences with others. I want it to be a way to channel my brain activity into a creative glob of words and pictures.

I want to share my experiences with how I manage my stress and create a balance of mind, body, and spirit though this particular journey. And, if someone learns something from me while I do it…well then that’s just swell. I want to influence others to smile, laugh, and chill out a little. I think I have a responsibility to lead a good ethical life but not to take myself too seriously.

My desires for this blog orbit around expressing my creativity while balancing my mind, body, and spirit. It will be about me getting through this life handling my stress in order to create and live the best life possible. I want to share my life experiences, whether it’s a picture or post or both, about whatever random ideas pop into my head.

That being said, here are three goals: I will post 3x a week, I will read 5 posts from other bloggers a day and comment on 1 of them weekly, and, lastly, I will establish a monthly feature educating others on subjects of stress management.